Celebrate an unforgettable event entirely tailored to your preferences and wishes.





Photo: Clemens Kois 
Music: Sid Vaga + Mad Anthony 
Sound: White Rabbit Audio
Decor: Anderst 

The beautiful setting overlooking rolling hills and the magical sunset over the catskill mountains lends itself to be a perfect scenario for weddings or private events and celebrations. 

7M2K requires on all events the presents of our caretaker but for a smooth celebration strongly suggests to enlist an additional event coordinator.  We happily discuss your event in detail to help determine the venue’s best value to you. We work closely with a hand selected creative team comprising of chefs, interior designers, event planners, DJ’s all ready to create your unique experience. 

We happily discuss your event in detail to help determine the venue best value to you.

Rental Fees:

Please fill out our contact form and provide as much information as possible. Since each event is unique the venue fee will vary. We will be happy to schedule a call to discuss your event. Please call +1 917-3558554 for more questions or e-mail info@7milestokingston.com

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